THANK YOU to everyone who helped make the 2022 Battle Buddy Brawl a complete success. Your support helped us raise $800 for the Catch A Lift Fund.

CONGRATS to Brooks from CrossFit 301 for winning this year's Freedom barbell raffle.



Grab a friend and come celebrate Veterans Day with us with some fitness fun.

Part of the proceeds will be donated to

Veterans Day weekend

November 13, 2022

35 East Jackson St.

Front Royal, VA 22630

First WOD at 10am


Free shirt and an amazing experience guaranteed.

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For the competitive "Rx" & "Scaled" divisions, two person same sex teams (male/male or female/female).

For the non-competitive "shirts and giggles" division, two person teams (any combination, may be same or mixed and including youth).

Team entry includes: (1) Battle Buddy shirt for each athlete, a high chance to win an awesome Red, White & Blue Rogue Freedom Barbell, good vibes knowing you supported Veterans through Catch A Lift Fund, and goody bags for all participants.

All workouts have been released. You can check them out below and pick your preferred division.

Registration fee is $130 per team or $65 per individual.

Military Veterans fee is $100 per team (both participants need to be Veterans) or $50 per individual. All Veterans may register online. After you register, please send proof of service (i.e. Picture ID with Veteran designation, DD214, picture, etc...) to

Upon registration, visit our online store to order your complimentary official Battle Buddy competition shirt. A code will be provided to participants to order the official shirt for FREE. Other apparel from our Battle Buddy collection will also be available for purchase.

Begin to gather your Battle Buddies, and get ready for a day of fitness and gratitude for our Veterans. If you would like to participate but don't have a team, let us know and we will team you up with other free agents.

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All Raffle Giveaway proceeds will be donated to the Catch A Lift Fund.

1st prize - Freedom Barbell

2nd prize - Basket with 2 gift cards, 2 water bottles, 2 jump ropes and supplement samples

3rd prize - Basket with 2 water bottles, 2 jump ropes and supplement samples.

Rules of participation are as follows:

Participants registered by 9/30 get 3 free tickets.

Participants registered by 10/15 get 2 free tickets.

Participant registered by 11/12 get 1 free ticket.

Each participant from the non-hosting gym with the most participants will get 1 additional free ticket. A minimum of 3 teams in any division is required to enter this contest.

Additional tickets can be purchased for $25.00 by competitors or anyone willing to support the Catch A Lift Fund. ONLY 150 Tickets are available for purchase! Tickets are now available online for purchase HERE, and will also be available onsite on the day of the event.

Winning Raffle ticket will be drawn and streamed live at the end of the event on 11/13 on our CrossFit Front Royal Facebook page, CLICK HERE to follow us and see it live.

Winner does not need to be present to win.


Founded in 2010, the Catch A Lift Fund has helped thousands of post 9/11 combat injured veterans regain their mental and physical health through gym memberships, in home gym equipment, personalized fitness and nutrition programs and a peer support network.

BattleGrounds Fitness is the proud home of a Catch A Lift member, if you're a combat injured Veteran and interested to learn more about the program, please CLICK HERE.

Event 1 - COFFLAND

is brought to you by:

For Time :

Rx - 6 minute Hang Hold

Each time you drop from the bar, perform: 800 meter Run and 30 Hand release Push-Ups

Scaled - 5 minute hang hold

Each time you drop from the bar, perform: 600 meter Run and 30 hand release push-Ups

Shirts & Giggles - 4 minute hang hold

Each time you drop from the bar, perform: 400 meter Run and 30 hand release push-ups or 30 knee Push-Ups

time cap: 18 minutes

With a running clock, athlete A starts the workout by free-hanging from a pull-up bar. If Athlete A drops from the pull-up bar before 6 minutes, he/she will complete run and push ups (note of the time will be taken but clock will continue to run). Once Athlete A completes run and push-ups, Athlete B resumes the hang hold where Athlete A left off. Athletes will alternate until cumulative hang hold time reaches th division time of 4, 5 or 6 minutes.

Score is the total time, including the time it takes to do all runs and push-ups.

Chalk allowed for all categories, gloves/grips ONLY allowed for shirts and giggles category.

Any hand grip allowed (hands facing away, facing you, switch grip), and athletes may adjust hands as needed and hang from one arm.

Event 2 - DT

5 Rounds For Time

12 deadlifts

9 Hang Power Cleans

6 shoulder to overhead

Rx 155/105, scaled 115/75,

For Shirts and Giggles 95/55

Time Cap:13 minutes

Athletes must complete a total five rounds for time combined, NOT each. The 5 rounds and reps can be partitioned between athletes as desired.

Shoulder to overhead movement is up to each athlete, but each rep is completed upon full extension of the knees, hips and arms.

Event 3 - bear complex

For load:

Complete 1 Unbroken Set of this Barbell complex:

1 Power Clean

1 Front Squat

1 Push Press

1 Back Squat

1 Push Press

Time Cap:15 minutes

In 15 minutes, each Athlete will build weight on their barbell to complete 1 unbroken set of the five movements known as the “Bear Complex” (without letting go of the bar).

The required squat depth in the Bear Complex is below parallel (i.e., when your hip crease is below the top of your knee).

The requirement for the push press movements is full knee, hip and arm extension. ONLY push press is allowed for this WOD.

Athletes may alternate their sets by increasing the weight and resting as needed between each set. The team score will be the completed combined max load of each Athlete.

Event 4 - morrison

is brought to you by

For time:

buy-in 1000 meter row (Partner A)


50-40-30-20 and 10 rep rounds of:

Wall ball shot (10ft/9ft)

Box jumps

american Kettlebell swings


cash-out - 1000 meter assault bike (Partner B)

Time cap: 30 minutes

Partner A will buy in with the 1000 meter row and Partner B will cash out with 1000 meter bike.

Athletes may partition the remaining work as needed but must complete the movements in the order described.

Wall ball shots (Rx 20/14) (Scaled 14/12) (Shirt and giggles any weight up to 14/12).

10ft/9ft for all divisions.

Box Jumps (Rx 24/20) (Scaled may step or jump 24/20) (Shirts and Giggles may step or jump any size box up to 24/20 inch box)

American kettlebell swings: (Rx 54/35) (Scaled 35/26) (Shirts and Giggles up to 26lb kettlebell)

Floater wod - Battle Buddy yoke carry

is brought to you by

For Time :

RX - 400 meter yoke Carry with both partners wearing a 20lb/14lb vest. yoke weight is 235lb

Scaled - 200 meter yoke carry with both partners wearing a 20lb/14lb vest. yoke weight is 195lb

For shirts & giggles

Option A

200 meter battle buddy partner yoke carry (yoke weight is 195)

Option b

200 meter 80lb sand band carry.

20lb/14lb vests are optional for both options

Time Cap: 10 minutes

For Rx and Scaled divisions, both Athletes will take turns carrying the yoke, each Athlete must carry the Yoke for a minimum distance of 100 meters .

For Shirt and Giggles division, Athletes have the option of carrying the yoke together or each carry a 80lb sandbag.

Athletes may bring their own vest, but please let Judge Rocky know upon your arrival so we can verify the weight prior to floater WOD.

Teams signed up

(as of 11/09/2022)

Rx Male

The WODer Boys (Josh & Dan)

Rocktown Renegades (Brent & Ben)

Rx Female

Cleaning Crew (Darienne & Bridgette)

Pretty Tough (Shannon & Cassandra)

Cats & Carbs (Melissa & Maria)

Shake Weight All-Stars (Michelle &

Scaled Female

Catoctin Crew (Beth & Lori)

Pumpkin Spice Lat-Days (Kara & Shannon)

Thick and Thin (Kristen & Crystal)

Just 4 Fun (Shawna & Donna)

Hell or High Water (Missy & Becky)

Scaled Male

Ghost Bois (Jacob & Zach)

Unnamed Team (William & Karl)

For Shirts & Giggles

Scrambled Legs (April & Madison)

Brotator Chips (Jon & Logan)

Swiss Miss & Reality TV (Kim & Greg)

Pizza (Angie & Jason)

Cool Whips (Marielle & Jaxton)

B's Company (Bethany & Brooks)

Team No Calves (Jennifer & Jim)

Barbells & Booty Shorts (Cat & Shelby)

Bish Bosh b'gosh (Basia & Zbyszek)

Age Ain't Nothing but a Thing (Barbara & Oli)