Our CrossFit Kids program is for everyone, it is designed to get children moving and having fun--all while building confidence, strength and making friends.

CrossFit Kids classes take place on the following schedule:

CrossFit Kids Begineer on Tuesday & Thursday at 5:15pm ($89/mo)

CrossFit Kids Advanced on Tuesday & Thursday at 6:00pm ($89/mo)

Meet our Youth Program Director & CrossFit Kids Coach, Celia

Hi, I'm Carrie and this is my 6 yr old son Austin He has been doing Kids CrossFit for a little over a year now.

We absolutely love it there!!! He has mastered his wall walks and box jumps! One of my favorite memories of him was watching him jump rope for the first few times and when he jumped a few times in a row. I'll never forget the look on his face of accomplishment.

Doing these exercises has helped him in gym at school. He's always showing off how he can balance on one leg. His 2 yr old sister Emma also loves to crash his class. I'm pretty sure she is counting down the years until she can start too!

We even had her 2nd birthday party at BattleGrounds Fitness! She had a blast. It's been such a pleasure being part of this family! I just wish we had found this sooner.